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Paulo Coelho's Adultery Delivered!

About a month ago I pre-ordered the new Paulo Coelho book Adultery from Flipkart and they said that the expected release date of the book is 19 August 2014 and I will receive the delivery as soon as the book releases. I was really excited as the 50 lucky people who pre-ordered the book will receive a Hardcover version of Adultery signed by Paulo Coelho himself, I wondered if I could be one the the lucky customers, if not then at least I will have a paperback version of the book which I can read.

Book Delivery

I was expecting the delivery after 19 August (the day when the book was going to hit the markets worldwide) and was surprised to see a message from Flipkart mentioning that the book was shipped on 5th August, which was 2 weeks before the release date, I thought this was a mistake. The message mentioned that the book will be delivered before August 8. On the morning of 8th, a package arrived. I was still skeptical and was thinking that they might have sent some other book, so I was eager to rip off that f*cking packaging. 

To make this moment memorable either with happiness or with frown, I decided to make an Unboxing video, in which I will open the package to find out what is inside. I knew that the video will either record the happy moments of receiving a book pre-release or will record few seconds of disgust and anger. Fingers crossed! I turned on my camera and started opening the package.

What was inside?

My hands were shivering and I was excited to find out the mystery of a package which was pre-delivered. To my surprise, it was indeed Paulo Coelho's Adultery paperback book. 

I was really happy to receive a pre-release copy of Adultery, I still wish if I could win the Hardcover-signed copy version of the book, lets see what the fate has to offer. 

Adultery by Paulo CoelhoAdultery paulo coelho

I will soon post a review of the book, as soon as I read it.

Price: Rs.240

Paulo Coelho's Adultery Delivered! Paulo Coelho's Adultery Delivered! Reviewed by Jimmie Luthra on 7:32 AM Rating: 5

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