Xiaomi Mi3 Flipkart Sale : Log

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Finally the day came, I was waiting for this day since a week now, today is the Xiaomi Mi3 sale day on flipkart. I registered for this sale 6 days ago and was waiting for this day when I will make my attempt to buy it. On this post I will post my log, starting for 2 hours before the sale and concluding with the results after sale.

Xiaomi Mi3
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Sale Day: August 26,2014

12:01 PM

The Mi3 sale time is 2:00 PM, which means 120 minutes are remaining for the sale to go live. I'm ready for it and have already logged in to my Flipkart. I know that I can do it a few minutes before the sale but since I'm working on my blog right now, I have kept the facebook page in one of the background tabs. I'm taking a peek every few minutes, seeing the countdown going down.

01:00 PM

Now the time remaining is 60 minutes and I'm really excited. The countdown is ticking down and seems slow (probably because of my excitement), I'm ready with all my senses and have shut down all running downloads, so that I can ensure good network speed during the sale.

01:45 PM

15 minutes to go for the sale to go live. I will update this log once I complete the sale. Once the phone is added to cart, I will checkout immediately and I will try to get it delivered in a day by paying extra, I don't know if it is valid for this but, let's see.

02:00 PM

I successfully got one device! It was added to my cart but due to high page traffic Flipkart told me to come back after 15 minutes, they said that they've reserved one phone for me and suggested to return after 15 minutes and complete payment.

02:20 PM

I returned to Flipkart and completed the checkout process, I chose cash on delivery option but unfortunately I didn't find any fast delivery options, they shipped it with standard delivery. 

On contacting Flipkart support, they denied shipping faster and also said that I'll have to wait for delivery.

UPDATE: August 30,2014

It took 4 days for the Mi3 to reach my doorstep, It was delivered before the expected delivery time but I'm still disappointed with Flipkart, they didn't provide faster shipping offers on this device and some people reported that the device reached them in 1 day even after using the standard delivery option (Yes, they do live in Mumbai) 

Anyways, I'm still happy with their service as the customer support was kind enough to help me and provided me with the package status, every time I got in touch with them.