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A Special Gift from HarperCollins India and IndiBlogger

Being an avid reader, I try to get my hands on all the latest published books which I find interesting, normally I prefer eBooks, as they are easy to carry and since my job requires a lot of travelling, eBooks are the only way to carry lots of books with me. I do like reading paperbacks instead of staring at an LED display but that's just not possible. Still I collect paperbacks and read them whenever at home. Recently I joined the Get Published section of IndiBlogger and found a new interesting book called 'Manan' by Mohit Parikh. The book was published by HarperCollins India and they were giving away 20 copies of the book to people who are interested in reading and reviewing it. I applied for review but didn't expected to get it. What are the odds for getting one of the 20 copies which are being given away to all India bloggers?

manan mohit parikh book

After about 20 days of applying, one morning I found a courier man at my doorstep who delivered the package which said HarperCollins India. At a glance I knew that they sent me a book, but I didn't know which one. Since I applied for two-three books, I didn't knew which one they sent. On opening the package I found 'Manan by Mohit Parikh' in the package. I was really happy for the fact that I was one among those 20 bloggers who got a copy of this book for review.

I haven't read the book yet, but I'll do that soon and after reading, I will review it here on this blog. So guys stay tuned...

Thank you HarperCollins India, IndiBlogger for giving me this opportunity and sending this review copy :)

A Special Gift from HarperCollins India and IndiBlogger A Special Gift from HarperCollins India and IndiBlogger Reviewed by Jimmie Luthra on 11:58 AM Rating: 5

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