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Book Review: Manan by Mohit Parikh

I'm sorry guys that I took so long to Review this book, actually I was busy in some other things and didn't get time to read this book, I finished reading this book yesterday and here I am, with the Review of Manan by Mohit Parikh. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you might be knowing that HaperCollins India sent me a copy of this book for review (Yes, I didn't buy it) so before I review it, I would like to Thank HarperCollins India and IndiBlogger for giving me this opportunity to review Manan.

Manan Mohit Parikh

Book Name: Manan
Author: Mohit Parikh
Publisher: HarperCollins India (Harper imprint)
No. of Pages: 200
ISBN No: 9789351363149

My Rating out of 5: 

A Little Info About the Book

Manan is a beautiful short novel about a guy named Manan. He is a tenth grade student and looks way younger than his friends and that's because he hasn't hit puberty yet. He sees the world in a different way and most of the time is lost in his imagination. He has a crush on a girl named Hriya and has an elder sister, with whom he is very close and they often play, fight, pull each others legs etc. The story of Manan revolves around the guy himself, growing up in late 90's in a small town of India, in a middle-class family, Manan sees the world through his own vision which is way different from others. He is often found on the terrace of his house where he spend hours staring at the sky, lost in thoughts about Hriya. He hates the fact that his friends are taller, hairier and mature than he is, but on finding the first official sign of puberty, he knows that soon he will be able to understand all that. Throughout the book he will talk about the behavior of his friends, parents fighting all the time, Tauji, Taiji and his sister, who no longer has time for him. So this is a story of a guy, living in a conservative middle-class family in a small town.

My Review

I enjoyed reading Manan, it was a completely different experience for me as I'm not into this genre. The best thing about the book was that it was light and simple, it explained everything well and stood to the point. There was humor, pain, awkward moments and total fun. Mohit Parikh did a great job sculpting this book, each section was crafted beautifully and everything was balanced. The book was a paisa-vasool but still there were some weak spots. 

The language used was difficult, I'm not say difficult to understand but to understand such language, one needs a lot of concentration and if your mind stumbles upon different things while reading then a lot of times you will feel lost. When I was reading Manan, there were times when my mind was somewhere else and when I concentrate back on book, I was lost and I had to read a couple of previous pages to understand whats going on. People who concentrate while reading will find the language interesting but people who take a lot of time to finish a book (half the time, mind somewhere else) will find it difficult to call back the story and will have to re-read a few pages to get back the flow. 

The final chapters of the book were really great, I loved reading the last two chapters and found it fast paced and energetic. I loved the way Manan spoke in front of his family when they denied the marriage proposal of his sister just because the horoscopes didn't match. I was expecting a happy ending but the end was very confusing, Obviously I can make out what could have happened after the book ended but I wanted to hear it from author. 

Overall the book was great, Mohit Parikh did a great job and it's hard to believe that it is his debut novel. I will recommend this book to people who love reading simple stories with strong characters, this book does not deliver the thrill but the feeling you are left with after finishing this book is tremendous. When I finished reading this book, I had mixed feelings about it because of the fact that I was expecting happy ending but what I got was a confused one and another thing was that since my concentration was low, it took me very long to finish this book, I had to read some pages again and again to keep up with the story and Yeah, I was expecting some romance between Manan and Hriya but that didn't happened.


By writing the above review, I'm not judging the book, It is just my opinion, It is what I felt about the book, your thinking may be different so don't waste time, go and get a copy now and start reading it. If I have to rate this book on a scale of 5 then I will rate it 3. 

Book Review: Manan by Mohit Parikh Book Review: Manan by Mohit Parikh Reviewed by Jimmie Luthra on 6:59 AM Rating: 5

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