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Book Review: Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar

After a very long time, I came across such a book which I finished off in one sitting, usually, I take my time with books and slowly try to absorb the wisdom they provide, but with this book it was different. Vitamin H is a short and sweet collection of motivational quotes and messages, arranged in such a way that you can simply read one each day and keep yourself motivated throughout. By looking at the arrangement of the pages it seems that this book isn't meant to be read in one go. Each page contains a motivational message/quote on it and bears a mark counting the day. So it seems that the author wanted the readers to read one page a day and keep themselves motivated as they go on. But for the sake of review, I had to read it all. 

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Book Details

Book Name: Vitamin H
Author: Abhishek Deepa Thakkar
Publisher: Gurjar Sahitya Bhavan
No. of Pages: 120
Released: 2020
Genre: Self-help, Poetry, Motivational, Quote collection.
ISBN No: 978-8193844694

Available in Paperback from Amazon India.

My Rating out of 5: 

About the Book

Vitamin H is a collection of thoughts, suggestions, quotes, messages, and advice for the new generation to foster their minds and spirit with optimism and hope. The book aims to elevate the lives of people who are in dire need of motivation and inspiration by boosting inner confidence and strengthening their faith. The motivational messages presented in the book work as a much-needed therapy for the mind and helps in shooing away negativity and unpleasant feelings. The messages help people in putting their minds on the right path and achieve seemingly impossible dreams.

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My Review

I've been reading a lot of self-help books these days and surely enjoying them as well, I find these books very helpful as they give me a new perspective of seeing things and often help in changing the way I think. But very rarely you come across something which turns your mind around in a matter of minutes and forces you to introspect your life, Vitamin H was one such book for me. On the first glance, Vitamin H looks quite different than other books, It has an almost square size body and a beautiful serene cover design which depicts nature in the form of greenery, mountains, and valleys. The cover design itself is capable of inducing good vibes in you even before you dive deeper into its wisdom. The book is quite thin in appearance and feels more like a user manual, which is funny because it can prove to be a user manual of life for some. 

Vitamin H turned out to be a thought-provoking book for me, I started reading it as soon as I received it, and given its short content, I was done reading in about an hour. But while speeding through the pages I came across some quotes which stuck with me till the very end and were so relatable that I kept thinking about them the whole day. Some simple quotes gave me a new perspective on life and got me thinking about all the things I have been doing lately. After my experience of reading the book for the first time, now I know how powerful these quotes can be and how they can change the way you think. I've decided to go through this book one more time, but this time, I'll be putting more thought into each message and will give it time to absorb. 

Unlike other self-help books that spoon-feed you with ideas and optimism, Vitamin H helps you in finding your own way, the inspirational thoughts compiled in the book have the power to enlighten your mind and get it on the right path. No one will tell you how, it's for you to understand and take control of your life. Other than that, the books contain more than a hundred quotes which can keep you motivated as you go on and live your life.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the book Vitamin H.

Sometimes, life means waiting for the rains, even when summer has burnt all the remnants of your hope.

Change is possible if we believe in the capacity to change ourselves.

Whosoever said that money can't buy happiness must have never experienced the pleasure of a good book and a great cup of tea or coffee.

If God let's you down, lift yourself up, you've got work to do.

Pour love and you can soar like a bird in the sky of happiness.



A simple quote has the power to change the direction of your life, Vitamin H has got more than a hundred such quotes which can give you a new perspective on life. I enjoyed reading Vitamin H, it seems like a book that I would like to revisit when feeling down or when in need of motivation. The book has a good repetitive value, you can re-read it many times without getting sick of it. You can mark your favorite quotes and revisit them whenever you need a solid dose of motivation or when you're feeling low. Since the book is very short to read, you can read it every few months to refresh your mind with fresh motivation. I would recommend this to people who enjoy genres like self-help, motivational quotes, poetry, etc. Vitamin H is also good for beginners who are trying to make a habit of reading, this book will give them an ideal start they're looking for. Overall it is a good book for everyone.

Buy Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar

Available in Paperback & Kindle Formats.

Book Review: Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar Book Review: Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar Reviewed by Jimmie Luthra on 11:59 AM Rating: 5

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