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Book Review: The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons by Paras

Out of all the books I read, I noticed that I get more attracted towards simple books, books with so compelling stories that leave a mark on your soul with their powerful writing and sea of wisdom. Not all books possess this power but sometimes you come across one such book, from which you expect the least but it turns out to be the real page-turner. The book which I am going to talk about today happens to be the one for me. The book I picked up for reading this week is known as ‘The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons’ by Paras. The book contains 13 short stories with simple characters from all walks of life, with such a presence that we are bound to relate with some of them. In life, you might have come across people who would resemble the characters from the stories. The stories are so engaging and well written, that they won’t let you put the book down, and you would want to finish it in one sitting. Which I did. 

The untold tales

Book Details

Book Name: The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons
Author: Paras
Publisher: Lab Academia Publications
No. of Pages: 99
Released: 15 April 2021
Genre: Short Stories

Available in Paperback & Kindle format from Amazon India.

My Rating out of 5: 

The Untold Stories: Love and Other Demons is a book full of life, the stories cover a wide range of experiences from the highs and lows of friendship, a relationship of mother & son, struggle during Covid-19 Pandemic to serious topics like domestic violence, prostitution and rape. There are stories talking about an amputee, eunuchs, and also an insane doctor. So, when you pick up this book, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. The book shows you the best and the worst extremes of humans with stories that are a blend of different emotions and consequences.  The one story which really got stuck in my mind was about a girl who went through the traumatic experience of child abuse by a close relative when she was eight, this particular story titled If I had a Last wish, was hard-hitting and it stayed with me even after when I was done reading the book. 

The writing is very simple and easy to understand, so even the people who are not avid readers or are just getting into the hobby of reading will enjoy it, but hardcore readers will not enjoy the writing as much, as it’s plain simple and won’t challenge their inner reader. But anyway, simple stories with simple writing will be enjoyable to most people. One thing which I did not like about this book was several grammatical and spelling errors. I wished the editorial team have had done better proofreading before publishing it, because such errors make the product look poor, no matter how good the stories are. Apart from that, the book was a breeze and a quick read for me, I liked the theme and characters overall and I also enjoyed the storytelling, even though most of the stories are emotionally overwhelming. I wish all the best to the author Paras and hope he will keep entertaining us with his writing in the future.

Book Review: The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons by Paras Book Review: The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons by Paras Reviewed by Jimmie Luthra on 11:19 AM Rating: 5

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